Life at Parkside

Finding a new home is a great adventure.  For over 55’s who are seeking a low cost, affordable housing option, Parkside Village is a offers the tranquil environment and country life style that many are seeking.  Situated in Epsom, 10 minutes drive out of central Bendigo, Parkside Village is the perfect place to find enjoyment in the simple things in life; socialising with friends, community village living, and all the trappings that make life good.

Without a doubt you have many questions about how purchasing a house at Parkside Village works, so we’ve put together the following page of the most frequently asked questions.  Of course, we’re happy to talk on the phone, or if you’d prefer, come and stay with us for a night or two to experience what Village life is like for yourself.  You’re always welcome at Parkside Village.

Are there Village Rules?

To ensure that everyone enjoys life at PRV, there will be a set of Village Rules that residents must follow. They cover such issues as noise, the use of the facilities and pets. They are designed to ensure that your rights are protected and that living at PRV is as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

Can my visitors use the Games room, Pool Complex and other facilities?

Visitors are welcome to the use Parkside Residential Village facilities when accompanied by a resident. In the case of the swimming pool, we ask that a responsible adult supervise children less than 16 years of age.

Can I rent out my home?

The Village has been planned around creating a strong and vibrant community for owner /occupiers. We want to build long-term relationships and friendships between residents so home rental is not encouraged. However, in some exceptional circumstances and with the written approval of the Village Manager you can rent out your home for a limited time.

What about Health services?

All of the services you need including hospitals, doctors, dentists, pharmacies, Medicare and other Government services are located within a few minutes’ drive of PRV. If you need access to other community services, for example Meals on Wheels, they will have easy access to servicing your needs within the village.

What about other services?

Within close proximity you have access to all of the services you want including chiropodist, massage, yoga, hair dressing and community classes, just to name a few.

Do I have to retire before I can become a resident?

Absolutely not. Parkside Residential Village is not a retirement village and therefore there is no need to be retired. We only ask that you or your partner is over 55 years of age. You can live at PRV and work full-time or not at all.

What happens when I go on holidays?

Just let the Village Manager know that you are going on holidays and we can arrange for your mail to be kept for you. 24 hour on site management at the village ensures a high level of security and give you added peace of mind while you enjoy your holiday. And of course, we maintain your front lawn and common garden areas the whole time.

Who collects my rubbish?

Each home has a 240 litre rubbish bin that is collected once a week.

Where is mail delivered?

Mail for each home is delivered and held at Park Reception. The mail arrives at approximately 10am each morning. Outgoing mail can also be left at reception. All mail left at reception before 10am will leave that day.

Where do I park my Car?

Each home has a carport. Additional parking for visitors is located at the front entrance of the village and at the visitor’s car park at the front of the Residential Village.

Where can I store my caravan, boat or trailer?

PRV has a specific area for storing trailers, boats and caravans. Spaces are limited and a small weekly fee of $15 is payable for storage.

Is PRV connected to public transport?

There is public transport in the area with a bus stop at the front of the Park.

Who looks after my lawn and garden?

We mow and maintain the lawns in the front of and around all homes. Residents are responsible for maintaining their own garden at the front, rear and side of their home.

Who maintains my home?

As it is your home, you are responsible for its maintenance. To ensure that PRV is an attractive place to live now and in the future, we ask residents to ensure that the exterior of their home is maintained in keeping with the village standards.

What can I add to my garden?

You can add as much as you like to your garden, provided it is consistent with the overall landscape plan of the village.

Can I customise my home?

It is your home and you can make whatever changes you desire once you move in. Any changes to the exterior façade of the home must be in keeping with the overall look of the Village and must be approved by the Village Management before work starts.

Can I get Pay TV?

Yes. At PRV you can have Austar Pay TV connected to your home or use the existing facilities at the Games Room. When you have your home connected, usual charges from your service provider will apply.

Can I get the Internet?

Yes. At PRV you can have your own internet connection via the NBN Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) technology, or you can take advantage of our free, high speed Wireless Internet that covers the entire village. Your computer will only need to be equipped with a wireless (wi-fi) network adapter.

Should you prefer your own connection; the usual charges from your service provider will apply.